We Did It…Again!

First of its kind Eco Pals™ are now even more sustainable with 100% recycled plush materials

In 2018, we set the industry standard with the first of its kind Eco Pals™ – a line of holistically sustainable produced plush.  Now, we’ve set yet another standard by developing plush materials – both the fabric and backing – made from 100% completely recycled materials, making Eco Pals even more sustainable! 

Our new sustainable plush fabrics are made from recycled PET flakes that were originally plastic water bottles and are produced by Certified Global Recycled Standard (GRS) suppliers, meeting international safety and quality standards. We have already begun transitioning our current 30-piece assortment of 8″-10″ Eco Pals to these recycled plush materials! And to be introduced in February are new species in the current Eco Pal size and a NEW large Eco Pal size, all using the recycled fabrics.   

When we launched Eco Pals last year, Wildlife Trading Company was committed to taking a holistic approach to sustainability, from production to delivery to merchandising. Eco Pals has proven to be an industry game changer…and we’re only getting started.

James Ward, CEO of Wildlife Trading Company states:

“Our goal is to convert as much of our merchandise to sustainable and conservation- based products as possible, and Eco Pals™ moves us further along this path. We are excited to be able to offer a 100% sustainable line of quality and affordable plush that illustrates and supports the conservation efforts of our partners. Eco Pals is just another example of how Wildlife Trading Company is the most sustainable and conservation conscious retail operator in cultural attractions. With conservation at our core, we enjoy being the trailblazer in our industry and take pride in others following us on this venture.”

Using 100% recycled materials is just another step in Wildlife Trading Company’s evolution of eco-friendlier retail. In 2013 we removed all unnecessary plastic whiskers and beads from our plush, and in 2014 we stopped using plastic bags in our stores. In 2017 we stopped using all single-use bags, eliminated selling beverages in plastic bottles, and worked with vendors to eliminate plastic from their packaging and shipping materials. And while sequins and glitter are currently trending in plush and toys, we will never use these materials given the horrific damage these microplastics wreak on wildlife. It’s all part of our authentic Planet Over Profit™ initiative – to make products that truly impact conservation efforts around the world. 

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