Imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery, but good for our industry.

We get it. We really do. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and with the recent news that other retail concession companies are partnering with competing plush toy companies to develop their versions of “eco-friendly” plush to compete against our Eco Pals, we quite frankly couldn’t be happier!

That’s because with more vendors producing eco-friendly products, our industry becomes greener and more conservation-minded  and that’s a big win for everyone — zoos, aquariums, cultural attractions, conservationists, and most importantly, our wildlife.

So as the leaders in raising the industry standard, as evidenced by people following us, we wanted to reiterate just how passionate we are about what we do — every single day.

It’s all about walking the talk

Since our founding in 1976, we have built both Wildlife Trading Company and Wildlife Artists Inc. on one singular core value — to create the highest quality products and retail environments that are grounded with a genuine and passionate care for wildlife conservation.  Our team is not just designers, buyers, and retailers, but naturalists, outdoors people and conservationists. Our true passion is wildlife and helping to maintain the delicate balance between “our world” and the world we live in. 

We’ve traveled extensively to Africa, Central America and the Asian rainforests and developed partnerships with local artisans and conservation groups to develop products.    

By working one-on-one with these local artists and conservationists, we are aiding conservation efforts on a grass-roots level that not only help the wildlife, but also help sustain the local economy while yielding truly authentic merchandise for our product lines and stores. 

Conservation and protecting our environment are not just about how we conduct business, but about who we are…it’s in our DNA. As is being genuine and authentic in everything we do and create.

James Ward, WTC CEO, helping wild dogs ensnared with wire traps in Zimbabwa.

So, while others continue to imitate us by developing similar products, we can only hope that they fully take our lead and “walk the talk”. Then we all win.

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